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A clean, professional headshot sends a message to the community that you care about the details. It portrays not only your image, but also your brand. One of the most important things that you can do for your business and reputation is to ensure that you have a great professional headshot. Your headshot is the first thing that prospective clients, employers and casting agents will see while pursuing your website, resume, social media, media pages, business cards and so on. Please give me a call to book your headshot now 585-944-8916. 


Hi my name is Kelly Kearns. If I had to describe myself briefly, I would say that I am an extrovert with an eye for the esthetic. I fell in love with Photography at the age of 18 when I purchased my first camera, a Canon AE-1. That camera was a masterpiece. First a hobby, then after the birth of my daughter, a profession. I wanted a specific look for her portrait. Elegant, timeless, classic with a sense of ethereal beauty. It’s then that I decided to become a professional photographer. My background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from State University of New York, at Oswego. Also, extensive
photography courses from The Rochester Institute of technology.